Sunday, January 27, 2013

what u should know @ the start of career

* additional qualifications @start of career allow u the start @ higher altitude....having escalating effects.

* good start courtesy qualification + stability + some right switches=big heights.....but stability is critical

* keep meeting old school/college mates...u will get crucial life lessons most easily and unforgettably.

* don't force a change...over time ur life gonna change beyond recognition....naturally. just be there.

* a great career is all about getting started properly, going with the flow and keep going.

* falling out is a big risk. if it clicks....great! if it doesn't, return to the line albeit a bit behind.

* if u drop out of the line, chances are u will never reach the same heights u could have

* rejoining the line behind is not that bad. same principles apply.stick on.....u will reach some places.

* just build on your 3-4 core competencies....don;t worry about others' shining strengths or ur dark weaknesses.

* respect your life limitations, weave ur unique career around's ok and will turn out quite good

* do switch at optimum will do wonders and give jet thrust to your fortunes...

* stability is decisive......don't leave the line......stay put and you will reach a decent destination for sure. sleep, if you may, but don't leave.

* despite all u have missed & lost - wherever u r,whatever u r left with,can lead u to unthinkable recovery.just gain feet,stand up,keep walking

* change is not a periodical toll plaza but the road u should keep moving on without getting conscious. change comes automatically and without effort like the automatically changing landscape while the car is rolling along.

* more change is anyway on its way towards u than u can handle.....unless u expect it. don't "change", let ur self be "changed" as it comes..

* don't drag the change in by hair or ears or legs....expect it and welcome with open arms.better still, keep the door open and be busy.

* but, all said and done.....critical success factor : staying on the wicket....being there....hanging on....stability.... continuity..... consistency..... being in contention.....